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Our Painting, Gilding and Finishing Services in Los Angeles
Fine Wood Finishing, Gilding, Custom Painting and Estate Services for Sophisticated Los Angeles Homes

Jimenez Custom Painting, Inc. provides old world and contemporary wood finishing, gilding, decorative plaster, decorative painting and custom painting services for homes and estates in Los Angeles, California with a focus on: fine wood finishing, distressing, furniture and cabinetry refinishing, water gilding, architectural oil gilding, furniture gilding, Venetian plaster, faux finishing, faux bois, marbleizing, decorative painting, lime washes, lacquer finishes, traditional quality interior and exterior painting.

They are honored by the 5-Star review in The Franklin Report:

“Talent times five”—that’s how sources describe Jimenez Custom Painting Inc. The Jimenez brothers—Jorge, Ricky, Carlos, Javier and Jerry—personally run and oversee every project. Known for its highly responsible and meticulous work ethic, this company works with decorators and builders to create “beautiful” painted walls, cabinet finishes and decorative painting projects.”

If you are a homeowner or you are planning a client project to renovate an entire home or estate or to update one room, our wood finishing and custom painting services will help make it an exceptional space that friends, family and business associates will envy.

For over 20 years, General Contractors, Project Managers, Property Managers and Interior Designers in Los Angeles have hired Jimenez Custom Painting to create extraordinary rooms and elegant furniture for their clients.

Fine Wood Finishing Brings Old World Charm to Any Room or Furniture Piece


The true beauty of wood is achieved with a finely crafted finish for any room or furniture piece.

We will utilize our experience to advise you on the finish that will achieve durability and provide an aesthetically pleasing project.

Our employees are highly skilled with: waxes, oils, varnishes, shellacs, lacquers and water-based finishes. They have the patience and dedication needed to produce projects that will wow you and your friends.


Masterfully Applied Gilding Can Dramatically Enhance Your Home & Furniture


Water gilding, architectural oil gilding and furniture gilding are techniques that add classic elegance to your home and furniture.

The art of gilding requires many steps to achieve the look and lasting beauty our clients desire. This is a demanding process that requires not only the mechanical skills to complete the steps but also the knowledge to understand when refinements in the process need to be made.


Ornate and Decorative Plaster are Design Elements Found in High End Homes


Venetian plaster and decorative plaster will provide a glamorous look similar to polished marble to your home. Charm is a word we like to use.

We have experience with French Country, English Country and Gothic styles. Ornamental plasters make rooms come alive and no two projects are alike. If you can imagine it we can create it. If you or your client wants a project no one else has we have the experience and the knowledge to bring your inspiration to life.


Faux Finishing Brings Elegance and Style to Your Home Decor


Faux finishing, Faux Bois, marbleizing and the use of patinas and metallic finishes can provide elegance and style to your home décor whether you have a contemporary or traditional home in the Los Angeles area.

Our employees use all of their experience and have fun with these projects because these preparation and applications techniques allow them to use all of their creativity to create patterns that are unique on each project.


Decorative Painting Creates Unique Spaces for Los Angeles Homeowners


Decorative painting can bring visually stunning colors and images to your home.

Color washes, lime washes, stenciling, striping, strie, rag finishes and lacquer finishes add beauty and style to any room. Tonal effects, patterning and textural designs create interest and unique spaces for our clients. Many of these decorative styles are ideal for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.


Quality Traditional Painting Will Brighten Your Spirit


Quality traditional painting done with care will brighten your spirit every time you enter a room. Our services include interior painting, exterior painting and custom projects.

Our employees have spent many years learning their craft and take great joy in seeing the joy our finished projects bring to our clients.


There are times when only the best will do, when the surface has to be perfect, when the wood has to be precisely finished.

  • We invite you to explore our website and let the images inspire you. If you can imagine it we can create it. If you or your client want a project no one else has, we have the experience and the knowledge to bring your inspiration to life.
  • We can recommend the architectural finishes and elements you should consider and those you should avoid.

Once we have a complete understanding of your project, we can offer specific advice to make your vision a reality while keeping budget considerations in mind.

Each home and project is truly unique and their goal is to create exclusive projects for discerning clients.

We have completed more than 100 projects in the last 10 years in homes and estates of 10,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. in size. We are most pleased that over 90% of our large home projects have come by referral or from our clients that have asked to do additional homes or projects for them.

We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. We realize what it takes to acquire your trust, what it takes to give you the results you demand and what needs to be done to eliminate many of the headaches and frustrations people have with fine wood finishing and custom painting projects.

Please call us at (818) 908-9937 to schedule your personal consultation.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

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